Power/UPS Management System (PUMS)

Power/UPS Management System (PUMS)

Power/UPS Management System (PUMS)

Electrical energy in any combination of the Generators is implemented according to calculations of the electric power tables of each vessel. PMS System decides which Generators combination will be the best according to the Load Consumptions. The capacity of the Generators is such that in the event of any one generating set will be stopped then it will still be possible to supply all services necessary to provide normal operational conditions of propulsion and safety. Furthermore, it will be sufficient to start the largest motor of the ship without causing any other motor to stop or having any adverse effect on other equipment in operation.

Mitoconnect solution features are included:

Consumption Profile Management

Define a specific profile for energy consumption in different parts of the building and force all elements to follow the requirements if this profile.

Remote Power Management

Remotely access and manipulate the power management system.

Scheduled Power Management

Fully customizable mode setting features allowing to activate a pre-defined set of parameters.

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