Smart Physical Access System (SiPass)

Smart Physical Access System (SiPass)

Smart Physical Access System (SiPass)

A physical access control system is a coordinated network of identification tokens (Magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, key fobs, smart cards, etc.), electronic door readers, control panels, specialized databases, software and computers designed to monitor and control traffic through access control points. Features are included:

Customized Security Zones Management

Defining customizable security profiles based on different zones in the building.

Access Permission Management

Physical access for the staff to different parts of the building is coherently managed through the access key cards.

Visitor Management

Visitors including VIP guests, ordinary guests and maintenance crews are issued with a temporary key card allowing them to move within the specific zones defined on with the Key Card.

Remote Access Management

Remotely control and manipulate the physical access equipment.

Logging & Reporting

Fully customized logging and reporting capabilities.

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