Smart Parking System (SMPS)

Smart Parking System (SMPS)

Smart Parking System (SMPS)

In present day cities finding an available parking spot is always difficult for drivers, and it tends to become harder with ever increasing number of private car users.  This situation can be seen as an opportunity for smart cities and companies to undertake actions in order enhance the efficiency their Parking resources thus leading to reduction in searching times.

Problems pertaining to parking and traffic congestion can be solved if the drivers can be informed in advance about the availability of parking spaces

At and around their intended destination. Recent advances in creating low-cost, low-power embedded systems are helping developers to build new applications for Internet of Things. Mitoconnect provided a smart parking system solution which encompasses:

Booking & Reservation

Booking, reservation and unauthorized alarm service for select parking spots.

Spot Status Grid

Real time monitoring of all the spots of the parking system.

Statistics, Logging & Reporting

Fully customized logging and reporting capabilities.

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