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About Mitoconnect Technology
Mitoconnect Technologies is a high technology company with the largest use of and dependence on the so called special means of production – knowledge and human resources.
  • A leading supplier of solutions and services for commercial and industrial buildings and a high-tech SME with a vision to play a pivotal role in the assimilation of novel technologies into the local Iranian Market. Mitoconnect Technologies is a high-tech company with Years of experience in the highest levels of the international telecom market, in the era of the wireless communications surge, into a coordinated modes operand on the corporate level, with a special emphasis on creating a sustainable architecture.

    Our strong management team is Capable of catering for the demands of our special customers on a long-term basis . we are also committed to put together goal-oriented teams, and therefore, utterly keen on local talents that can absorb our way of thinking and generate consistent value for us and themselves.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Value



We define Science Fiction as the art of possible. Science fiction is the history of ideas that work themselves out and become real and happen in the world . With us, Your thoughts becomes true! Mitoconnect IoT Platform will help you to turn your dreams into reality

We want to play a pivotal role in the assimilation of novel technologies into the local Iranian Market



We consider our mission statement a commitment to our Country Iran by utilizing state of the art management practices

We also aim to deliver that commitment by having access to the latest technology paradigms and adopting them to national norms & values

To create value and make a difference

Core Value

Core Value




Mitoconnect Technologies Team